Styles of metalcore and post-hardcore logos

To begin with, many metalcore and post-hardcore bands eventually order a logo design by professional designers. In this case, it is very important to realize what exactly you want to get. In order to understand better what logos style you want to have, let's look at examples of successful and popular logos of famous metal core and post-hardcore bands.

One of the most popular motifs for the logo is a circle in which is inscribed the name of the band. Obviously, all these logos are based on different fonts and have their own features, but it's hard to overlook their similarities. These logos are usually placed on posters and graphic materials. The examples of such logos you can see in bands like: Miss May I, In Fear And Faith, Like Moths To Flames, Capture The Crown and many others.

Metalcore & posthardcore logos

Many popular bands make their logo based on massive types that look quite simple, but at the same time really seriously. These logos could be made more original, by adding some stylized letters, cracks, etc. In order to make it more understandable, let’s consider the examples of such logos that you can find in bands as: I, The Breather, Asking Alexandria, Betraying The Martyrs.

Another very popular style – is a logo based on italic font, with lots of lines and curves. These logos are very popular among post-hardcore bands. For instance:  All Faces Down, Hands Like Houses, Blessthefall.

Another popular motif – is a logo that based on rounded letters or logos with addition of a large number rounded lines or patterns. For example: Eyes Set To Kill and Pierce The Veil.

Next logo motif quite frequently used by post-hardcore bands. These logos based on very «dirty» and uneven fonts with addition of a large number swirling elements. Among the bands that use this logo, you can find: Bring Me The Horizon, Yashin, Motionless In White.

Moreover, the post-hardcore and metalcore bands use logos that are very difficult to describe, but they can be interesting to you and perhaps help you to find some fresh ideas.

In conclusion, we hope that our article will help you to find inspiration for your own logo. Of course, a good designer will help you to pick up style and come up with something interesting, but only you know what kind of logo you want to have.

Furthermore, we want to remind you that we offer a professional band logo design for metal bands. All details of our services you can find on our website in the section Design for bands.


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