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    This article was created in order to describe in detail our process of working on a logo design, step by step. It will help you to better navigate in our services, and to avoid a lot of misunderstandings during our further cooperation with you.

    We also highly recommend to get acquainted with another one our article - "How to order a logo design for a band and get a great result". We have described there, how to make up a technical task, what kind of information we need to understand in what style to work, and finally, what mistakes should be avoided in the process of work with a designer.

    The price of our standard services in logo design for bands is quite low, therefore, we have to set up some framework to limit the number of options being developed. The standard package includes the development of NO MORE than 3 different concepts of a logo design. The number of adjustments to the concept you choose is UNLIMITED, though these changes cannot be too solid (for example, to remake the logo completely or to change the graphics). An important observation is that we do the adjustments ONLY in the one concept you choose. Thus, you cannot make adjustments to the three concepts and then choose one.

    If you think that the 3 concepts are not enough, then our statistics shows that otherwise. More than 97% of our clients were satisfied with the one of 3 options. About 20% of customers were already satisfied with the very first option, what saved our time and effort to develop the extra versions. If the technical task of the band has been prepared properly, then as a rule, our first version is the most successful.

    Below you can find the scheme of our workflow and some comments to it:

All4band logo scheme

    I. Once we have received your technical task (your wishes, suggestions and examples) and an advance payment of 50%, we start our work on the first original concept. When it is ready, we send a preview of the full version or just a sketch to a customer, if our concept requires a lot of time to be implemented, and we do not want to do it without an approval.  The examples:

   All4band logo sketchAll4band logo sketch

    If the client likes the concept and he wants to stay on it, we move immediately to the Step II. This happens in 1 out of 5 cases, when we understand the client's wishes as precisely as possible. You still may ask for the remaining two options but if you really like the first option, work on the following concepts may be a waste of your and our time.

    If you do NOT like the first concept we offer, we need to get the most informative feedback from you. Write please what you LIKE and DISLIKE about this version, any suggestions you have about the next option. We will take into account your wishes and will start working on the second option.

    When the second initial concept is ready, we also send you a preview or a sketch. If you like the option, we move on to Step II, if not, then we need again your feedback so that we know in what style to work over the 3 concept.

    Very rarely but it happens that the customer is not enough with the 3 concepts to make a decision. In this case, we offer the additional options at the price of USD 39 per option.

    If for any reason the customer was not satisfied with any of the concepts, he or she may refuse to continue to work on the project. In this case, we do not require the second half of the payment.

    II. When the customer has chosen the concept he likes, we start working on improvements. First of all, if we sent you a SKETCH for approval, we make it finished, including the work on the details. If we sent you a full version for approval, then we immediately start working on those improvements you ask for.

      All4band logo sketchAll4band logo sketch

    Your wishes may include: change the details of some letters, change their proportions and placement, adding some decorative elements or removing them, change texture, etc.

    Each time after getting the new suggestions from you, we will send you a new version for approval. The number of improvements is UNLIMITED, within a reason, of course.

    When all the changes are implemented and the customer is completely satisfied with the result, we need to get the second part of the money, so that we can finalize the logo. After receiving the payment, we make the final vector file in .EPS format. You can also ask for additional files, if necessary. For example, we can make your logo in two variants - with and without texture, or we can make you the additional files in other formats (e.g., .PNG).

    In addition to each logo, as a bonus, we also make for free a desktop wallpaper in JPG format in FullHD 1920x1080 resolution. We never do the changes to a wallpaper, they are always to our taste)

    With regard to the emblem design, everything works perfectly the same.

    If you are interested in our services of logo design for the rock and metal bands (though we work not only with music bands), you can find more information about our services on this page. Some frequently asked questions can be found in our FAQs. And if you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


"This team is top rate. They know how to take things to the extreme. Their ideas and creative visions are second to none. We can't wait to work with them again in the future."

Darren Dewis (One Riff Merchandising)

"At first I was just amazed with the price and the quality, this is not possible in S.Korea or probably anywhere around in Asia. The work flow is comfortable, as if I've been already working with this team for a few times together. In every version of mixing and mastering I can also feel the passion and hard work from all4band's team, which is very respectful."


"The All4Band's artists are extraordinary. We are fascinated by the exceptional service that they offer at very reasonable prices. Great professionalism and great timing. Furthermore we are shocked by their skill and talent on interpreting our needs. So thank you all very much!"

The Hell I Call Home

"Working with All4Band was an excellent experience. The artists were very helpful in guiding us through the process and providing input to get us the product we wanted. The end was result was an excellent album cover that represents exactly the spirit of what we want our music to say. The prices and turnaround time were very reasonable. We highly recommend to anyone looking to get custom artwork for their musical project."

Fate in Crisis

"I can't even express my gratitude for your services. Great work, great prices, great communication, and great timing. No one in the world does this quality of work except you.


" is a game changer for musicians looking to take their sound to the next level. Before dealing with, my band used crappy local studios that loved to overprice mediocre service. has been nothing but cost effective, professional, and helpful. I can't see my band using a different service for mixing and mastering needs. If you want to be pleased with your next single or album don't hesitate to use them."


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