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How your band will look on stage is of the same importance for your show as the music you play. Nowadays, when the amount of bands is significantly growing, every detail matters. Stage scrims and band backdrops are the tools for making your band more recognizable and memorable. They are an integral part of the branding of every music project. So if you have an opportunity to use these tools, you need to do it 100%.

Our team can design any kind of artwork for stage scrims or band backdrops, depending on your wishes. If you want a SIMPLE DESIGN for your banner - we will make it based on your logo or emblem. Do not have them? No problem. We will develop you a professional vector logo and/or an emblem and then prepare a design for the band backdrop on its basis. Below you can see a few examples of how it might look like.

Band backdrop design Band backdrop design

If you want something more EXTRAORDINARY - there are many options, depending on your taste and budget. We create arts in both raster and vector format. We can even develop for you a whole set of several arts in one style. For example, check out this set of vector artworks for a backdrop and two side banners that we developed. Such a design will definitely help you to stand out from most other bands. It’s also worth mentioning that vector artworks can be used in any size without loss of quality.

Band backdrop and stage scrims

If vector graphics do not suit you, we can also develop a raster design in very high resolution, which you can use for printing in large size. We can work in drawn graphics or make a photorealistic design based on photo clipart, it's up to you. All we need is to get from you some basic concept, which we can work with. We will take over the implementation.

We do not limit ourselves to any frameworks. We develop designs for stage scrims and band backdrops for bands of any genres; however our talents are most suitable for those of rock and metal.


   Design with your logo / emblem - from 89 USD (depending on your wishes and necessary resolution)

   Vector artwork - 315 USD

   Raster drawn art / collage - from 299 USD (depending on your wishes and necessary resolution)

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In your message specify what kind of artwork do you need, in what format (vector or raster) and in what resolution (raster format) or aspect ratio (vector). Any references or examples will be very helpful.