How to order a logo design for a band and get a great result

    This article was created as a guide, in order to better explain how to order a band logo design from a design studio and to be fully satisfied with the final result. On our website you can also find a similar useful article for you, which is dedicated to cover artwork.

    In this article we explain how to formalize technical specification and explain your wishes, what information is required and in which cases it is worth to give some creative freedom to the designer. All this will help you to get an excellent result and not to be disappointed. This guide was written specifically for the customers of our studio, but it may also be useful for those who are working with any other studio.

    The first thing I want to tell is that every studio fulfills dozens of orders per month. Even with all the desire, the designer is not able to fully familiarize with the music of each client, as well as to download his album or to explore biography. That is why you should provide the studio with the information that will give the designer all the NECESSARY INFORMATION, but at the same time you should not overload the designer with unnecessary information.

    Write the name of your bandthe style of music that you play, as well as basic information about your public image (for example, if you stick to horror style, or if you prefer trendy, modern core-style, or if you are a symphonic band with female vocal that focuses on gothic style). The designer DOES NOT NEED to know about how many albums you have released, on which festivals you've played, or with what band you have played on the same stage. Leave it to the booking agents and promoters ;)

    Once you've provided basic information about your band, you need to describe to the designer your preferences as accurately as possible, briefly to say, to formalize "technical specification".

    First of all, the designer has to know the style of the band logo you want. Partially the designer can understand it basing on the genre of your band, but still it is insufficient.

    For example, metalcore or post-hardcore band may need the logo in a circle, or prefer handwritten lettering. Or may need the logo in block-style, as the logo of Betraying the Martyrs.

    In turn, gothic band may need a fairytale style logo with various flourishes, or may want brutal logo. It all depends on your preferences; therefore you should provide this information to the studio. It would be better if you send 3-4 examples of logos, which style you like. It will help the designer to better understand in what style to work. This is how we work in our studio.

    The next important point concerns the inscribing of any symbols, images or emblems in the logo. From our experience, there are about 15-20% of the bands that want to make their logo more recognizable thanks to a unique symbol or character. It is important to have a clear idea of what you want to portray as a symbol. In most cases the designer cannot choose instead of you what should be depicted in it. There are millions of options of what can be inscribed in the logo, and if you do not know what you want, it is no surprise that the designer can't know it too :) We recommend you to make a list of 4-5 variants of images or symbols that seem interesting and suitable to your style (for example: cross, masquerade masks, eye, triangle, the symbol of the first letters of the name), and the designer will choose the most suitable one.

    Once you have described the style of the band logo and given the information about the symbol | emblem (if you want an emblem), you should clarify any of your additional requirements. For example, if you want the texture on the logo (cracks, chips, scrapes), or if you want a colored logo. Out of commonly used additional requests can be distinguished - symmetry of readability. Moreover, it is necessary to specify if you want the logo in one line, or multiple. Do not forget that all this additional information is NOT REQUIRED if you do not know exactly what you want, it would be better to give some creative freedom to the designer in these matters.

    A certain creative freedom and trust in the designer - are essential things for a good result. Do not forget that the graphic designer - is a professional with a wealth of experience, that most frequently knows better what will look good and what will not. The best thing is to provide the designer with all the basic information, to describe your wishes and to leave some freedom in making future decisions.

    One more detail is the color, or rather its absence. We highly recommend making your logo monochrome (one color). This will make it more versatile for use on various graphic materials. In 95% of cases, bands DO NOT NEED colored logo.

            Band Logo Design Band Logo Design Band Logo Design

    Below I provide examples of the most common mistakes that make customers during ordering a logo design:

    1) The band sends a sketch and asks to make exactly the same logo. And when designer tries to make some improvements to his taste, the band rejects them and insists on making a logo, completely similar to the sketch.

    In this case, you do not give the designer any artistic freedom; therefore there is no difference in who made it for you. If the designer believes that your sketch looks not very good, it is better to trust him and give an opportunity to improve the logo, or even make a different version. The designer has extensive experience and most importantly - an aesthetic sense, so I can tell you for certain that you will be satisfied with the final result. 

    2) The band sends just one example of the logo and requests to make it in exactly the same style.

    No self-respecting designer or studio will not copy someone else's logo. It's a plagiarism. You should send 3-4 examples to the designer, it will help him to understand better your taste and not to copy the logos.

    3) "We want to inscribe in the logo some symbol, but do not know what it can be"

    How come? You are playing in your band, you have come up with its name, you are doing your best in writing music, some lyrics, etc. The designer can't know it better than you!)

    The last thing I would like to recommend you - trust the designer, if he tells what should be done and what not. In these matters it is better to trust to professional. The designer is also interested in a perfect result, since all the works in his portfolio - it is his reputation.

    I hope that this article will help you to better understand the process of ordering a band logo and get the highest quality result. If you are interested in a logo design for your band - just contact us!


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