Album Cover Art

   If your band has already wrote a high-quality material, recorded it and ready to release first LP or EP, then you have an important question - how to make a good album cover art for your release? Of course, you might think that this is not so important and can easily make the cover using the photos or to find a suitable picture on the internet. But if you have no-nonsense approach, and you do not want to have limited concerts in your own city, you should think about a professional album cover design.

             Album Cover ArtAlbum Cover ArtAlbum Cover Art

   Cover Art is an integral part of any music release. It doesn't matter what kind of release you make, digital or CD, the cover is required anyway. The quality of the cover is a very important factor, as it attracts the attention of users and introduces the audience to the idea of the ​​release before listening it. Moreover, a good album cover art will help your band make a noticeable release, and to gain peoples interest.

   Our team would help you to make an excellent and professional art. We have a great experience in making cd cover design for music bands. We specialize in album cover arts for rock, metal, alternative, metalcore, deathcore, posthardcore, trancecore, hardcore and death metal bands, but we are willing to work with bands of all genres and welcome any experiments. You can find and see the variety of works performed by our designers in our Portfolio

   We design both collages and fully drawn arts. We can implement any your idea.  If you need to design not only a cover, but also a booklet, CD print or Digipack - we are also happy to help you.

   The price depends on the work's complexity and number of pages:

   Cover artwork in a photorealistic style (collage) - 295 USD

   Drawn artwork - 345 USD

   CD Sleeves - price of the front cover + 59 USD

   4-panel Digipak - price of the front cover + 89 USD

   Standard Jewel case - price of the front cover + 89 USD

   Mail us and MAKE AN ORDER

   In your message try to describe as many details as you can about what you are looking for. If you have in view some cover, whose style you like (maybe from our portfolio), then point it out in the message.


"This team is top rate. They know how to take things to the extreme. Their ideas and creative visions are second to none. We can't wait to work with them again in the future."

Darren Dewis (One Riff Merchandising)

"At first I was just amazed with the price and the quality, this is not possible in S.Korea or probably anywhere around in Asia. The work flow is comfortable, as if I've been already working with this team for a few times together. In every version of mixing and mastering I can also feel the passion and hard work from all4band's team, which is very respectful."


"The All4Band's artists are extraordinary. We are fascinated by the exceptional service that they offer at very reasonable prices. Great professionalism and great timing. Furthermore we are shocked by their skill and talent on interpreting our needs. So thank you all very much!"

The Hell I Call Home

"Working with All4Band was an excellent experience. The artists were very helpful in guiding us through the process and providing input to get us the product we wanted. The end was result was an excellent album cover that represents exactly the spirit of what we want our music to say. The prices and turnaround time were very reasonable. We highly recommend to anyone looking to get custom artwork for their musical project."

Fate in Crisis

"I can't even express my gratitude for your services. Great work, great prices, great communication, and great timing. No one in the world does this quality of work except you.


" is a game changer for musicians looking to take their sound to the next level. Before dealing with, my band used crappy local studios that loved to overprice mediocre service. has been nothing but cost effective, professional, and helpful. I can't see my band using a different service for mixing and mastering needs. If you want to be pleased with your next single or album don't hesitate to use them."


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