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WHAT IS A STREAM VIDEO? If you’re planning on releasing your band’s single on YouTube, but don’t have enough budget to make a music video or even a lyric video, there is something our team can offer you. No need to upload your video with a static image, or spend days trying to figure out how to make something by yourself. We can make you a simple yet dynamic animated stream video for YouTube, which will look professional and eye-catching. We usually make stream videos based on a cover art, but we can also make something of clipart or custom graphics. It can be 2D or 3D, depending on your wishes. Graphic equalizer, camera shaking, flying dust and smoke – all these cool features will bring your cover art to life, making it more memorable and interesting to watch. If you need something a little more sophisticated – we are open to any ideas and suggestions. Just send us some examples or references, and we will send you a quote.

EXAMPLES/ Here are a few examples of YouTube stream videos we made for music bands:

Bells and Ravens - 1896 Diary Of My Misanthropy - Are You Dreaming

Voyageur - I'm Gone Left IV Dead - Enchantressg

Voyageur - Penitence Homeward Bound - Stand Your Ground

Anthrocene - Lumberjack Daniels Fall Into Place - This Calm

FULL EP, ALBUM/ If you need a full EP or a full album stream video, that’s not a problem. We make those for just a little higher rate. Here are some examples of our full EP/album YouTube stream videos:

Voyageur - Milestones Evil-X - Existence Underground



   Single song stream video – 75 USD | we have a free hand, you have one revision round to make adjustments

   Full EP stream video (up to 30 minutes) – 130 USD

   Full album stream video (up to 60 minutes) – 180 USD

   If you are interested in working with us, just SEND US A MESSAGE to get a quote or make an order.

In your message describe us your wishes and show us a couple of examples of stream videos you like (YouTube links will be enough).