We are an international team of professionals in love with music and our goal is to provide top-quality services for musicians and music bands all over the world


If you looking for the right artist to design cover art for your upcoming single or album, you got to the right place!

We are ALL4BAND DESIGN, a team of professional artists, who have been working together since 2011. We do all kinds of artwork and design for musicians from all over the world. Our art and logos are used by bands across five continents and we already have more than 1000 bands in our portfolio. We work with a variety of genres including but not limited to hard rock, metal, alternative, metalcore, deathcore, post-hardcore, and death metal. Our main goal is to combine top-quality art and design with great customer service, which means smooth communication, clear terms and rates, and after-sales service. And besides that, we are very passionate specialists. We love what we do, and therefore we put our heart and soul into each project.

WHAT KIND OF ART DO WE CREATE? We design album art in two different techniques – matte painting (photorealistic art) and digital painting (hand-drawn art). Each technique has its pros and cons, so let’s explain them in more detail.

PHOTOREALISTIC COVER ART we create using stock images with further editing and post-processing. The end result has usually a more realistic/serious feel to it than hand-drawn art, but this technique has certain limitations. We can only work with what’s available to us in image stocks, so not EVERY idea can be implemented in this style. However, with this technique, we are able to produce a beautifully cinematic image that complements the idea behind the album. The examples below should give you a general idea of what we are capable of, but don’t hesitate to check out our PORTFOLIO to see other cover art we've done.

DIGITAL PAINTING is basically drawing by hand using digital tools. This technique allows us to implement any idea in the most creative way, as long as you like our style. We are able to work in a few different drawing styles, actually, so feel free to reach out to us with your idea for the cover art and we will help you to choose the right technique. Below you can see a few examples of album art done in digital painting. Find more in our PORTFOLIO.

WHAT DO YOU GET AS THE END RESULT? The final image comes as a high-resolution JPG file (at least 3000x3000px). Upon request, we also send a version without the logo and title, which you can use for any promotional purposes.

STRUGGLING TO COME UP WITH AN IDEA FOR THE COVER ART? Check out our ART FOR SALE section! When we are not overwhelmed with commissioned work, we implement our own ideas. It’s pure art and we experiment with styles quite a lot, so you may find something truly original there that will fit your single or album perfectly. All works are sold to one owner only with exclusive rights.

PLANNING A PHYSICAL RELEASE? For those bands who are interested in releasing their music as physical copies, we can offer our help with layout design for all types of packaging, including but not limited to Digipak, Jewel case, and CD sleeves. Find examples in our PORTFOLIO.

INTERESTED IN WORKING WITH US ON ALBUM COVER ART FOR YOUR BAND? SEND AN INQUIRY VIA THE CONTACT FORM BELOW and get a quote with all the necessary info on our terms and rates.

In your message, describe to us briefly your idea for the album art. Don’t forget to include a few examples of the style that you like (you can find inspiration in our portfolio or arts for sale section). It will help us a lot. If you need to design a layout for a physical release as well, let us know how many pages you need and what you would like to have on them. We also recommend you to check the FAQ section.


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