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Regardless of what you plan to release – a single, an EP or a full-length album, you should remember that its graphic design is as important as music. It requires a serious approach and some financial investments. It does not matter if you are going to release physical copies, or will sell your music in digital only, your album cover art is the first thing that people see. Sometimes it is exactly the album artwork that provokes the impulse to listen to an unfamiliar band when you accidentally come on a new album.

If you are wondering how to get your band a cool album cover design for your release, the answer is simple - to entrust it to professionals. We do not hide, there are a lot of artists in the music industry, and your choice depends primarily on your taste. But we can proudly say that we have taken one of the top positions among our competitors. First of all, because we have our own recognizable style. Secondly, because we make professional and eye-catching album cover arts, which stand out from most others. And, of course, no less important is the working process. Over the 5-year experience we have won a good name for ourselves, and we try to keep our customer service at the highest level.

First of all, we have proven ourselves in creating album cover arts for hard rock, metal, alternative, metalcore, deathcore, post-hardcore and death metal bands, but we are open to work with bands of all genres and welcome any experiments. You can find and see the variety of works designed by our artists in our PORTFOLIO. Basically, we can divide them in two categories.

PHOTOREALISTIC ALBUM ARTS for bands (collages) we design in matte painting technique. Check out the examples below:

If you are looking for a FULLY DRAWN ALBUM ART, then we have even more to offer. Depending on your wishes, we have different styles and techniques for implementing your album art. Below you can see some of them.

If you haven't come up with an idea for your album art yet, check out our PRE-MADE ALBUM ARTS FOR SALE. We sell them for a discounted price. Moreover, we can offer even more different styles in this case, since we have artists in our team, who make only arts for sale. It's worth giving a look, isn't it?

Need to design a whole layout for a PHYSICAL RELEASE? No problem! We can design a layout for Digipak, Jewel case, CD sleeves or any other type of package. Just send us a template from your printing company. Check out some of our layout designs on this page!


   Album art in a photorealistic style (collage) - 295 USD

   Drawn album art - 345 USD


   Layout design for CD Sleeves (back, CD) - +79 USD

   Layout design for a 4-panel Digipak (back, two internal pages, CD) - +135 USD

   Layout design for a standard Jewel case (back, inlay, insert, CD) - +135 USD

   Other types of package and booklets are discussed individually.

SEND US A MESSAGE and get a quote.

In your message describe your basic idea for the artwork and what style you prefer, photorealistic or fully drawn. If you need a design for Digipack or Jewel case, we need to know the number of pages and your wishes regarding their content.