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Each band that starts playing somewhere beyond the rehearsal base is facing the need of having their own band logo. Some bands believe that at the beginning of their musical path they can afford an amateur logo by using a standard font or by drawing it themselves. Well, you can do it. However, the way you present yourself will initially form the opinion of your fans. If you perceive your band quite seriously, invest in recording, mixing and want to release a decent and high-quality music product, then the graphic design should match it.

A band logo is an essential branding attribute of any music project. It is the first thing that fans see on your Facebook page or on concert posters. A band's logo makes the first impression, which is the most important. Moreover, a memorable logo can help make your band more recognizable on-line. That's why your band logo design should be outstanding.

Our team can help you to make a unique and professional logo step by step. Our extensively experienced artists have created logos and graphic designs for many metal bands from all over the world. Every band logo we create in a way that reflects the essence of the band. Moreover, we know all the trends in rock / metal music industry and in graphic design in general. We know that your band logo should be multipurpose and versatile.

First of all, we specialize in band logo design for metal, metalcore, deathcore, post-hardcore, hardcore, thrash metal, hard rock, alternative and death metal bands, but we are ready to work with bands of all genres and welcome any experiments. Examples of our works you can see in our PORTFOLIO.

If you already have a professional logo but you also want to have a unique and recognizable emblem or a symbol for your band, which you will use on your scrims, stickers or T-shirts, we will be glad to help you. We make our emblems on the same terms as the band logo design. You can see a few examples of our work below.

When ordering a logo + emblem package, you get a special discounted price. Besides the pleasant price, when you order a band logo and emblem design by us, you can be sure that they will complement each other and be in the same style.

All logos and emblems we make in VECTOR format, which allows to use them in any size without loss of quality.

To every band logo design package we make a bonus DESKTOP WALLPAPER for free, which you can use however you like. It will fit great as a cover for your FB page or a profile picture. Just take a look at some examples here:

Band backdrop design Band backdrop design


   Logo design - 239 USD (FREE wallpaper as a bonus)

   Emblem / symbol design - 239 USD (FREE wallpaper as a bonus)

   Logo + Emblem package - 399 USD (two FREE wallpapers as a bonus)

   So, what are you waiting for? SEND AN INQUIRY and get a quote.

In your message try to describe as many details as you can about what you are looking for. Also send links to some examples of band logos that you like (you can find inspiration in our portfolio). It will help us a lot.

Before making an order, we recommend you to get acquainted with our article "How to order a logo design for a band and get a great result" and FAQ section as well.