We are an international team of professionals in love with music and our goal is to provide top-quality services for musicians and music bands all over the world


WHY AN ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEO IS A GOOD CHOICE? Shooting music videos is probably the most costly thing for music bands. If you want to have a high-quality product, you need a huge budget to cover a shooting team, location, light equipment, actors, transportation and many other things. Even if you pay it all, you cannot be sure that your music video will stand out from hundreds of other music videos, which are released every day.

An animated music video is a great way of telling a story using extraordinary techniques. The fact that most of the bands still prefer the more traditional types of music videos makes animated music videos more unique and outstanding. With a bit of creativity, a whole new world can be created, with its unique characters and their heart-wrenching stories. All you need is a talented team, which can take all the work from creating a concept up to implementing all graphical parts, using a variety of different techniques. And we are here for you!

WHY WORK WITH OUR TEAM? During the last few years, we've created dozens of animated music videos, and we are proud of each and every one of them. Among our clients are popular bands like Diamond Head, Black Star Riders (ex-Thin Lizzy), Voodoo Kungfu, Morton, and talented indie artists that are justing working their way through the music scene. Just check some of our works below, they will tell you more:

Animated music video Diamond Head - The Coffin Train Animated music video Black Star Riders - Ain't The End Of The World

Animated music video Diary Of My Misanthropy - Freedom is Slavery Animated music video Morton - Horror of Daniel Wagner

Animated music video Align The Tide - Welcome To Hell Animated music video Voodoo Kungfu - Theocracy

Animated music video Jacob Didas - Deluded Animated music video Man of Determination

Animated music video Syne - Midas Animated music video Syne - Siddhartha

Bloodphemy - Catch 23 Animated music video Disparager - At Least I Still Have Bon Iver

WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE? If we take your project, we take on all aspects of the working process - work on the concept, sketching, creating of characters, drawing, shooting of necessary footage, or finding suitable ones from documentaries. We appreciate creative freedom and trust in our professionalism. This is what motivates us to create eye-catching and stunning videos. All we need from you is a basic concept we can work with and some examples of our videos that you like, so that we know which techniques to use.

We are ready for any challenges.  Besides animated music videos made of our own graphics, we can also work with footages captured in a green screen studio to create an “augmented reality” effect. We can capture it ourselves in cooperation with young actors and models or we can work with footage of your band, or a singer, or whoever you like, if you can provide us with a good quality source material we can work with.

The standard turnaround time for one project is from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on its complexity.


   Currently, we take projects with budgets starting from $1200 per 1 minute of video material

   If you are interested in working with us, just SEND US A MESSAGE to get a quote or make an order.

In your message send us your song in mp3 format, describe your basic wishes and show us a couple of examples of our animated music videos you like (YouTube links will be enough).