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Art For Sale

In this section we offer pre-made album arts and merch designs for sale, created according to our OWN IDEAS and concepts. All works we sell for a discounted price EXCLUSIVELY to one owner only, with all rights. All album cover arts are available in raster format, 300dpi for printing. All T-shirt designs available in vector format, which allows printing at any size without loss of quality, or in raster format with a very high resolution, which allows printing on T-shirts in 300dpi.

The placement of your logo / album title is included in the price. We will do its coloring and any other necessary adjustments. If you need to make minor changes in the art or change a color scheme, in most cases we can do this without any additional fee.
If you are interested in any available art, press ORDER to send a request. We will respond within 48 hours. If you have any questions, contact us via the CONTACT FORM.