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Adding All4band to your trusted contacts

Unfortunately, pretty often our emails end up in your spam/junk folder, especially when we send our first response to your message from the contact form. This is super annoying for both us and you. To avoid this situation, you can add our email address to your trusted contacts. This is a really easy thing to do, just follow the steps below:


When you use Gmail, you need to add our email address to your Google contacts. Here’s how:

1.    In your Google account, click on the service overview and open Contacts
2.    In Contacts, click on New contact
3.    Fill in the name and email address
4.    Google automatically saves the contact

Adding All4band to Gmail contacts  Adding All4band to Gmail contacts



Adding All4band’s email address to Yahoo contacts is very easy:

1.    In your Yahoo account, click on New contact
2.    Fill in the necessary details
3.    Click on Save

Adding All4band to Yahoo contacts contacts  Adding All4band to Yahoo contacts contacts



In Outlook.com you can add All4band to your People:

1.    Click on the services overview and open People
2.    Create a new contact
3.    Fill in our details
4.    Click on Save

Adding All4band to Hotmail contacts  Adding All4band to Hotmail contacts

Adding All4band to Hotmail contacts


4) iCloud

If you use iCloud as webmail, you can add us to your Contacts by following these steps:

1.    In iCloud, go to Contacts
2.    Click on the + sign to create a new contact
3.    Fill in our details
4.    Click on Done

Adding All4band to iCloud contacts

Adding All4band to iCloud contacts  Adding All4band to iCloud contacts


I hope those steps will help you to receive our emails without any problems!

Vladyslav Tsarenko | CEO of All4band.com