We are an international team of professionals in love with music and our goal is to provide top-quality services for musicians and music bands all over the world


Whether you are a new death metal band looking for the very first shirt design to print on your merch or you’re an experienced band in need of expanding your merch shop, we’re here for you.

LET US INTRODUCE OURSELVES! We are a team of professional artists, working under the brand ALL4BAND DESIGN since 2011. We do all kinds of artwork and design for musicians all over the world. We have more than 800 bands in our portfolio and this number grows every day. We work with a variety of genres and death metal bands are a significant part of our portfolio. Our main goal is to combine top-quality artwork and design services with great customer service, which means smooth communication, clear terms and rates, and after-sales service. And besides that, we are just very passionate artists, we love what we do, and therefore we put our heart and soul into each project.

WHAT KIND OF ART DO WE PRODUCE? Each shirt design is made from scratch and drawn by hand. Our aim is to make shirt designs that look awesome, so people buy them not only to support the band they like but to actually wear them. There are two different techniques that you can choose from. They cover the needs of most bands in the genre.

IN DIGITAL PAINTING we produce cartoony-ish designs that are so popular among modern bands right now. They look vibrant and cool, and it’s a great choice to satisfy younger generations. Check out the examples below. You can find more in our PORTFOLIO

INK-ON-PAPER ARTWORK is a more classic form of art that allows us to create more serious and realistic shirt designs. Each artwork is traced/digitalized to vector graphics with the addition of color, so such designs can be printed by silkscreen without any problems, the same way as digital art is printed.

THE TECHNICAL ASPECT IS IMPORTANT and therefore, we produce our shirt designs in the vector format, which allows enlarging them to ANY size without loss of quality, and we use no more than 5-6 colors, so all our shirt designs are suitable for silkscreen printing. And of course, we will incorporate your logo into the design with all necessary edits to make it fit well.

STRUGGLING TO COME UP WITH AN IDEA FOR YOUR BAND’S SHIRT DESIGN? Check out our ARTS FOR SALE section! In our free time, we produce a lot of shirt designs based on our own ideas. It’s pure art and we experiment with styles quite a lot, so you may find something truly original there that will fit the style of your band perfectly. All works are sold to one owner only with exclusive rights.

INTERESTED IN WORKING WITH US ON A SHIRT DESIGN FOR YOUR BAND? SEND AN INQUIRY VIA THE CONTACT FORM BELOW and get a quote with all the necessary info on our terms and rates.

In your message, describe to us briefly your idea for the design of your merch. Don’t forget to include a few examples of the style that you like (you can find inspiration in our portfolio or arts for sale section). We also recommend you to check the FAQ section.


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