We are an international team of professionals in love with music and our goal is to provide top-quality services for musicians and music bands all over the world


Looking for your very first merch design for your deathcore band? Need a couple of new original T-shirt designs to expand your merch shop? In both cases, we will be happy to help you with that.

ALL4BAND is a professional team of artists, who do design for music bands for more than 6 years. We can proudly say, that we have our own original style, and we know how to make cool designs that your fans would love. We've already designed a few hundreds of cool T-shirt arts, including dozens brutal arts specifically designed for deathcore bands. All we need from you is a basic concept we can work with, and any specific wishes that you might have. We will find a way to make your idea look cool on a T-shirt design.

A few things that you should know about our T-shirt designs. We make them:

IN VECTOR GRAPHICS, which gives them a unique drawn style, and allows to print them at ANY size without loss of quality;

WITH COLOR SEPARATION, so you can print them by silkscreen printing;

USING NO MORE THAN 6 COLORS, so you can meet color limitations that most silkscreen companies have. If requested, we can use 3-4 color or even make a black-and-white version. Everything to keep your printing costs reasonable.

And of course, we will incorporate your logo into the design with all necessary edits to make it fit well. Don't have a logo? Not a big deal. We will choose some suitable font for the band name instead. Something brutal will do the job!

Let our works speak for themselves. Just check a few examples of our merch designs for deathcore bands below:

If you want to see more works, even the ones we made for bands of different genres, take a look at our PORTFOLIO. It will help you to get a better idea of our style.

If you don't have any ideas for a new merch design, we have plenty of PRE-MADE ARTS that we sell for a discounted price. Moreover, we can offer even more different styles in this case, since we have artists in our team, who make only arts for sale. It's worth giving a look, isn't it?


   Custom vector T-shirt design - 315 USD

   Design based on vector clipart - 249 USD

   Design based on typography - from 149 USD

   If you are interested in working with us, just SEND US A MESSAGE to get a quote or make an order.

In your message describe your idea a bit and tell us your color preferences. We will discuss all the details with you in further communication.