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If you came across this page, it means that you had been looking for a suitable option for mixing and mastering of your DEATHCORE music. Let us introduce ourselves. We are the ALL4BAND team. We provide various services for rock and metal bands around the world for more than 5 years. Mixing and mastering is one of our directions, which we are actively developing to provide young bands with a quality sound production at a very reasonable price.

Our sound engineer Alex makes sound production for metal bands for more than 7 YEARS. Deathcore and other its sub-genres are his strong side. During his career he has been working with dozens bands of this genre and made more than a hundred tracks for them. Moreover, he himself is a professional deathcore guitarist, so he knows what the sound should be like in this genre.

The entire process of mixing and mastering is done REMOTELY. All you need is to record a quality source material at home or at studio. We will do the rest ourselves. Our main task is to make the highest quality product from your source materials, doing all the necessary manipulations for this. That is why our standard price includes a complete package of services: EDITING, MIXING, MASTERING and SOUND PRODUCTION.

Below you can check out the results of our mixing and mastering services for deathcore bands:





DEMO 5 - DEATHCORE / MATHCORE                                          DEMO 6 - DEATHCORE / MATHCORE 2


If you like our sound, we will be happy to cooperate with you. Prepare your source materials according to our TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS, upload them to any file hosting and send us the link. Briefly about the preparation of files on your side. Guitars are best to be sent as DI tracks. We will add all the necessary effects ourselves. We accept drums in midi format; we have excellent VST libraries for creating a live sound. If you want to use recorded drums, this is not a problem. The bass guitar can be recorded live or written in midi format. Both options are OK for us. The most important thing is to record quality vocals. If you cannot rent a studio for this, try to create the best possible conditions at home or at your rehearsal room. If you use samples, keys or strings in your track, export them as STEREO WAVE files.

What is included in our standard package? 

- editing of guitar tracks, so that they match the tempo;
- editing and humanization of midi drums;
- editing of your drum parts (optional);
- editing of your bass track or humanization of midi bass;
- tuning of clean vocals;
- adding of additional effects to your arrangement (optional);
- mixing;
- mastering.

If you want to get a rough preview of your song with our sound - we offer 1-MINUTE DEMOS for 19 USD. In case you make an order after that, we will take this amount off the price of the standard package.

Interested in working with us? Just follow the steps below and we will help your deathcore band to create a great music product.




1) Prepare all the source materials of your song, EP or album according to our TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS

2) Upload the archive with all files of at least one of your songs to any file hosting and save the link;

3) Write to us via our CONTACT FORM or via our FACEBOOK PAGE. Send us a few words about your band, your genre, as well as a link to your Facebook account. In addition, do not forget to send us a link to your source materials, as well as references to the sound you want to get (1-2 songs, Youtube links may be enough).

4) If you want to get a rough demo before making an order, let us know about it.

After we receive all the necessary information, we will send you our comments to the source materials and describe how to proceed further.


   Editing, mixing, mastering and sound production - 169 USD / 1 song

   Only mastering - 45 USD / 1 song

   1-minute preview of your song - 19 USD (we will take this amount from the final price as a discount if you make an order)

   If you are interested in working with us or have any questions, just SEND US A MESSAGE via the contact form.