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WHY WORK WITH A SOUND ENGINEER REMOTELY? If earlier an album recording required thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars of investments, now even underground metal bands can afford a high-quality product. The development of computer technologies and the Internet brought great opportunities. You no longer need to rent an expensive studio to record all the instruments. DI guitar tracks can be recorded in your bedroom using a quality sound interface and a DAW. Drums can be programmed in MIDI. Additional instruments and samples can be composed using digital plugins and a midi keyboard.

Same with the process of mixing and mastering - it can be done remotely without any problems. Most sound engineers adapted to the new age and now offer all their services remotely - from editing your tracks and reamping your guitar lines to mixing and mastering. All you need is to know the basics of the home recording process so you can record good-quality source materials. A professional sound engineer will do the rest.

Mixing and mastering engineer at All4bandWHY WORK WITH US? Meet Alex, the sound engineer at All4band's team! Alex is a leader, guitarist, and music writer at Dysphoria, one of the leading Ukrainian brutal deathcore bands. Alex has more than 10 years of experience mixing and mastering music for bands of various metal and -core genres. He is at his strongest with deathcore and death metal music, but he is also good with softer genres of metal like melodic metalcore or hardcore. He makes underground bands sound like pros and he can do the full package from editing to mixing and mastering for a relatively low budget. I know, it's some heavy selling right here. However, take a listen to the examples below and make your own opinion. These are some of Alex's most recent works:

DEMO 1 - BRUTAL DEATHCORE 2022                                          DEMO 2 - DJENT / METALCORE 2022


DEMO 3 - MELODIC DEATH METAL 2022                                    DEMO 4 - MELODIC HARDCORE 2022


DEMO 5 - METALCORE 2022                                                      DEMO 6 - SYMPHONIC DEATHCORE 2022


WHAT IS INCLUDED IN OUR STANDARD PACKAGE? Here is what you can expect from us for the standard rate:
- Evaluation of your stems and tips on how to improve them;
- Editing your guitar tracks to the grid;
- Digital reamping of your guitar tracks;
- Vocals tuning
- Editing and humanizing the MIDI drums;
- Mixing;
- Mastering.

WHAT IS THE PROCESS? At the first stage of our communication, we will evaluate your source materials and give you tips on how to improve your stems if necessary. If the stems are good to go, we will offer you a demo sample to make sure you like what we can do for you. If you are satisfied with the demo, we start work on the full package. After the first mix is ready, we can do up to 3 revision rounds free of charge. When the mix is approved, we render the final lossless master track for you.

DEMO SAMPLE is a good way to get a rough idea of the sound you can expect from us in your particular case. We make short demos for a small price, which is deducted from the final price of the mix if you order the full pack. A demo sample can help you to make sure you made the right choice before paying more money and we can make sure that our work will be going smoothly.


   Standard package for one song up to 4 minutes - 200 USD

   Individual cases and songs longer than 4 minutes - from 200 USD

   Mastering only - 50 USD / 1 song

   Demo sample - 40 USD (we will take this amount off the final price as a discount if you make an order)




1) Prepare your stems according to our TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS

2) Upload the archive with all files of at least one of your songs to any file hosting and save the link;

3) Send us a message via email or the CONTACT FORM below. Describe your band to us briefly, specify your genre, and send a link to your social media accounts if you have any. Include a link to your stems and mention your sound references if you have any (1-2 songs, Youtube links work for us). You can also include a text file with your wishes and sound references in the archive with the stems.

Once we receive your inquiry and get acquainted with your stems, we will reach out to you with our comments and more info on further process.

If you are interested in working with us or have any questions, just SEND US A MESSAGE via the contact form below.


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