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Lyric video is a great option for rock, metal and metalcore bands to release a single on YouTube without investing a ton of money into production of a music video. A lyric video can be dynamic, eye-catching and it also helps to get a deeper attention to the song's lyrics, which is pretty important (especially if your singer screams or growls like a hell creature). So, nothing surprising that more and more bands nowadays choose this format for releasing new singles.

Since lyric videos have become a clear trend in a music industry, every band finds itself in a need of a good-quality lyric video production. Let’s admit - sometimes even popular bands release lyric videos of a very poor quality. The problem is that creating a lyric video is a pretty time-consuming thing; and the demand in the music industry is quite big. Thus, it might be quite a challenge to find a good motion design artist, who is not fully booked till the end of the year. That's why we are here to help you.

Our team has more than 5 years of experience in graphic design and video production. We have two motion design artists in our team, so we can cover a very wide range of your video needs.

If you are looking for a LOW-BUDGET option, we can offer you a professional FullHD lyric video based on custom 2D graphics or your album art. Your lyric video will be dynamic, eye-catching and will look very professional (cause it is!). If 2D style lyric video is something that suits your taste, we can work with a pretty low budget - from 300 USD. Below you can check the example of such video:


Lyric video based on custom 2D graphics

If you are looking for a HIGH-BUDGET lyric video for your band, then we have a pretty cool thing to offer. We can come up with a concept, a story, cool characters and create an animated music video based on our own graphics, which will have your lyrics just as a part of the video, but not its core. We are ESPECIALLY good in creating dystopian-themed concepts or grotesque dark stuff. Just check out some of our works below:


Lyric video based on our own drawn graphics and video footages.


Lyric video based on our own 2D and 3D graphics with a storyline and unique characters.

It's worth mentioning that we work not only with rock, metal, hardcore and metalcore bands. In our portfolio we also have rap and pop musicians. It only depends on your taste.

Besides drawn graphics, we can create lyric videos for bands using video footages with models captured on a green screen (check out our videos for Bloodphemy and Hound of Hades); or even use your own footages if you can capture them in a good-quality green screen studio (check out our video for Riksha, for example).

If you want to order an animated music video, you might like to check our other page dedicated to animated music videos for bands. We also make simple videos for YouTube music streaming, if you need a very low-budget solution for releasing your song on YouTube.


   A low-budget lyric video – 150 USD per 1 minute of video material

   A high-budget lyric video – 300 USD per 1 minute of video material

   If you are interested in working with us, just SEND US A MESSAGE to get a quote or make an order.

In your message send us your song in mp3 format, describe your basic wishes and show us a couple of examples of lyric videos you like (YouTube links will be enough).