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You have the last chance to order a logo, an album cover artwork or a merch design for the old price until the end of September. Because of high demand, starting from October 1, we raise all of the standard prices for our services, that will enable us to devote more time to each order and to work on quality, not quantity.


Dear clients,
All people love to relax a bit on the beach in summer, and we are the people, too :)
Because of the vacation of our chief designer, we will have to work in a restricted mode from 22.07 till 04.08. We will be anyhow available for communication via email and the website, and can discuss all your questions and take new orders for August. Nevertheless, work on the current custom artworks and logos will be frozen during this period. We will do our best to finish as much of our current orders, as possible until that time, and your fast communication will greatly help us.
Those orders that we won't manage to finish before that time, as well as orders that we'll take in the period up to 22.07, we will continue to develop as soon as our chief designer comes back, i.e, from 04.08.
However, all of our other services, including mixing and mastering, video production and purchase of the pre-made artworks will be available, as usual.


Check out our new article "Modern Music Industry: overview, trends, directions".
In this article we would like to show you how does the modern music industry look like, what trends are of a current interest and where it’s gonna move in the coming years.


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"I was totally blown away, by the concepts, that these awesome people had come up with. Also, you cannot beat the communication, that weve established throughout the project. Will definitely be a return customer."


"Definitely All4Band is an amazing service. They were able to turn a good idea into a great one. Their skill and artistry is outstanding. Well worth the price and they have one highly satisfied customer. Will definitely recommend them to any band out there looking for some great artwork and plan on working with them in the future."


"I found by chance and I am shocked with the quality of work I received! Great designs, great communication and reasonable prices for their talent! I will be back, that, you can be sure."

Oganalp Canatan

"I can't even express my gratitude for your services. Great work, great prices, great communication, and great timing. No one in the world does this quality of work except you."


" is a game changer for musicians looking to take their sound to the next level. Before dealing with, my band used crappy local studios that loved to overprice mediocre service. has been nothing but cost effective, professional, and helpful. I can't see my band using a different service for mixing and mastering needs. If you want to be pleased with your next single or album don't hesitate to use them."


"We sought out All4band because of our budget, but in the end we got a product that matched or even surpassed that of artists charging twice as much. They were extremely courteous, understanding, professional, and delivered a top-quality product for a very reasonable price in a timely manner."


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