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Custom arts VS pre-made arts

In this article, we will try to explain in detail the difference between custom and pre-made artworks and also to find out in which cases what option would be more suitable for you and your band.

CUSTOM ARTS are made for you by the artist according to your wishes. In this case, he or she works with your own concept. You can describe your idea in detail or just give a basic concept to the artist and leave him or her a creative freedom. Moreover, you can ask for a specific style that you prefer. When getting the final work, you can ask for adjustments until you are completely satisfied with the result. Of course, such a work requires more time and effort, therefore the price of custom artw is almost always higher. Below we examine all the pros and cons of custom artwork for bands.


- You can ask for an unusual concept that will most accurately represent your idea. The artist will take into account all your wishes, even the smallest details.

- You keep the working process under control. Before the main part of the work is started, you will get a concept sketch for approval. During the process you will be receiving updates and interim versions, so you may ask to make changes at the early stages.

- If you have your own mascot or a "feature" that you use in all the designs, then the custom artwork is the only possibility for your band.


- Work on a custom artwork is a time-consuming process. Be ready, that the process will take from 7 to 21 days.

-  The price of custom artworks for albums or t-shirts will be always higher than the pre-made arts.

- If your concept is bad or common, the designer will still embody it as you want. In this case, even a qualitative and professional realization won’t save a bad idea.

For whom a custom cover artwork or a T-shirt design is the best option?

1) For those bands, who are able to come up with an interesting and not common concept of the artwork.

2) For those, who have a clear vision of what do they want to see at the end of the work.

3) For bands, which have their own unique style of graphics, own mascot or other unique "features".


PRE-MADE COVER ARTS AND PRE-MADE T-SHIRT DESIGNS – these are arts, which were designed by the artist according to his own ideas and taste for further selling. Such works have their own advantages and disadvantages, but one fact is for sure - the majority of these works are much cheaper than custom artworks.

In the case of pre-made arts, the designer selects a concept that seems to him interesting and eye-catching. The designer does what he likes and what he is interested in, that is why he gives more effort and makes his work with greater enthusiasm.

Since the designer always has got a good aesthetic taste, he knows how to create an interesting artwork. Of course, the band will be limited in choosing the concept (although there are more than 100 works in our section for pre-made artworks), but this option is perfect for those, who have no particular idea but who wants to have a nice professional artwork.


- The designer implements ideas and concepts that he likes and does his job with greater enthusiasm and inspiration.

- The price of pre-made artworks for albums and T-shirts is always lower than the price of custom artworks.

- If you are running out of dates, the pre-made artwork will be the best solution. From the date of the first payment till the moment you get the final result it usually takes from 1 to 3 days if there are no additional adjustments required.

- If you do not have your own ideas, you are able to choose the most suitable and interesting concept of a large number of pre-made artworks.


- If you have an exact idea what you want to see on your artwork, apparently this option is not for you.

- You are limited in choice depending on the amount of pre-made artworks available for purchase.

- If you are interested in the design of a full layout for the album, including a booklet, you will have to pay for additional pages of a custom design.

 For whom a pre-made artwork of the album / a T-shirt design is the best variant?

1) For the band, that doesn’t have a specific idea for the artwork but wants to get a professional art of a good quality.

2) For those, who need the artwork urgently and can’t wait for 2-4 weeks.

3) For bands with a relatively low budget, that does not allow them to have a custom artwork.

4) In case, that you’ve found exactly the same idea that you wanted, among the pre-made artworks. This also happens quite often :)

We hope that this article will help you to understand better what you really need, a pre-made artwork or a custom one. In both cases, we are always happy to help you with the design) On our website there is a wide range of PRE-MADE COVER ARTS AND T-SHIRT DESIGNS, where you can find a suitable art for you and your band. If you are still interested in a custom artwork, you can find more information in these sections of the website: