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Band T-shirts have become an integral part of the music industry. First of all, band merch is a good opportunity for bands to earn some money (music is an expensive hobby, right?). Secondly, fans have an opportunity to support their favorite bands, to show that they care. That is why each band sooner or later is thinking about creating their own unique band merch design. 

Why is it important to have an eye-catching T-shirt design? The answer is very simple. If your design looks cool, people will buy your T-shirts not only to support you, but also because they like your T-shirts and they want to wear them. This will raise your sales, and the fans will wear your t-shirts more often, instead of storing them in the closet until your next show.

If you have found our website, you probably have been asking yourself “How to make a cool band T-shirt design?” So we are here to help you. During our 6-year experience in creating band merch designs we’ve achieved a memorable and recognizable style. We design all our artworks in vector format with separation of colors, so that they can be printed by silkscreen printing method, in any size without loss of quality. Check out some of our epic T-shirt designs below:

If you want a more simple design for your T-shirts, this is not a problem. We also develop T-shirt designs based on a logo, emblem, vector clipart or even typography. Just send us your wishes and/or a couple of examples. Below you can see several examples of such works:

We specialize in creating merch designs for bands of rock and metal genres, but we are also ready to cooperate with anyone, who likes our style ;). In our portfolio we have works for the video-game streamer, the beatboxer, the horror writer and even for the brand of craft beer. Among our regular clients you can find bands of metalcore, post-hardcore, deathcore, hardcore, trancecore, progressive metal, djent, death metal, trash and post-metal genres. More examples of our works you can see in our PORTFOLIO.


   Custom vector art - 315 USD

   Design based on vector clipart - 249 USD

   Design based on typography - from 149 USD

   If you are interested in working with us, just SEND US A MESSAGE to get a quote or make an order.

In your message describe your idea a bit and tell us your color preferences. We will discuss all the details with you in further communication.