We are an international team of professionals in love with music and our goal is to provide top-quality services for musicians and music bands all over the world

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Why Us?

  • We offer a wide range of services for bands and musicians, including logo design, cover artwork design, t-shirt design, lyric video production, mixing and mastering, etc.

  • We do not limit ourselves by any frameworks. We have experience in working with bands of any genre, from country rock and electronics to the most brutal metal genres. Our portfolio includes works for musicians from all parts of the world (USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia) and we are very proud of it. Our task is to find an approach to each client.

  • We always meet half-way. We try to offer you the best result at the lowest price. We will never offer you something that you do not need. No unnecessary services at extra cost. We try to do our best, so that clients are satisfied with our work and want to cooperate with us again in the future.

  • We will answer any of your questions. If you have an idea but you do not know how to implement it - just contact us. We will check your concept and offer you the most suitable style for it, as well as provide a costs estimate and a turnaround time for the project.

  • We accept payments through PayPaL. This is the most convenient and secure payment method for international transactions. Additionally, you just pay 50% of the cost before we get started. The second part of the amount you can send in the end of the project, before we send the final files.

  • Hundreds of customers were satisfied with our services. A lot of our works you can find in our portfolio. Among our clients there are such bands and musicians as Jean Beauvoir (USA), Karl Golden (UK), Voodoo Kungfu (USA/China), Izegrim (NL), Through The Darkness (USA) and many others.

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