We are an international team of professionals in love with music and our goal is to provide top-quality services for musicians and music bands all over the world

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  • WE ARE ONE TEAM THAT CAN COVER ALL YOUR DESIGN NEEDS, including logo and emblem design, cover art, physical package design, t-shirt design, motion design, video production;

  • OUR ART HAS NO LIMITS! We have been working with rock and metal bands, electronic musicians, rappers and hip-hop artists, Twitch streamers, gym trainers, fiction writers, apparel brands, and even small businesses. If you like our style - we are the right team for you;

  • WE ALWAYS GO THE EXTRA MILE. Even if you need help with something that's not included in the package or after the project is finished, we will do our best to help. Just ask!

  • WE PROVIDE A VERY HIGH LEVEL OF CUSTOMER SERVICE because we always aim for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. This means we're always here for you to answer any questions and help to find the best solution for your specific problem;

  • OUR PORTFOLIO SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. Since 2011 we've successfully finished thousands of projects for bands from 40+ countries. Our success rate is 98% and we're quite proud of it;

  • OUR PAYMENT TERMS ARE FAIR. You pay 50% deposit upfront, 50% on completion. This means that if you don't like the end result, you don't have to pay the whole sum.

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