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How to choose a music distributor in 2023

Releasing music online today is no hustle. For a small fee, you can have your song or a whole album distributed to hundreds of online stores and streaming services in a matter of days. In this article, I'll explain the difference between the three biggest online distributors in 2023 and try to help you make the right choice depending on your goals.

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Band Logo: A Complete Guide

This is a complete guide on band logos that should help you understand what you need from your logo and how you should use it. I will explain the difference between lettering and emblem, compare raster and vector formats, tell you why you don’t need a multicolor logo, and give you some practical advice.

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AI-generated art for music bands: pros and cons

AI is on hype now. It's transforming every aspect of our economic and social lives. AI models find applications in search engines, chatbots, and speech recognition systems. Moreover, they also generate images, videos, and even music. Chances are you've already encountered numerous AI-generated images used as album cover art, YouTube visualizers, and concert posters. In this article, I will review the most common AI models for image and video generation, explain their capabilities, and delve into the pros and cons of using AI art within the realm of music bands and music-related projects.

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Get More Streams With The Spotify Waterfall Release Strategy

The waterfall release strategy is a new strategy that became quite popular thanks to Spotify and its algorithms. Musicians release multiple singles from the upcoming EP or album step-by-step. Moreover, each subsequent single includes all previously released singles from the same album. As a result, previously released singles receive additional streams because of autoplay or because people decide to listen to all songs in the list.

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Mixing & Mastering: Technical Requirements

This guide will help you to prepare your source materials for our mixing and mastering services according to our technical requirements.

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Custom arts VS pre-made arts

In this article, we will try to explain in detail the difference between custom and pre-made artworks and also to find out in which cases what option would be more suitable for you and your band.

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